What If You Visit Link’s Old House in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

This video shows you what happens when you visit Link’s old BotW house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. ▻Game Information: …

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44 thoughts on “What If You Visit Link’s Old House in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?”

  1. So it’s a shed, interesting. I always thought it was like an outhouse since Link never really had a bathroom lol.
    In fact, nobody in Hyrule has one… Some houses are straight up just a bed and a short table. They really need some better housing in this kingdom.

  2. zelda living on the same roof may be left to interpretation but one thing is for sure:

    link gaves zelda his old haird band and she put in a chest, valuing it as a tressaure closer to her deepest space.

    thats a really sweet detail

  3. Wait! I went back to this house as soon as I found the village and it had the photo from the champions ballad DLC stuck hung up on the upper floor wall!

  4. If Zelda steals my new house she’s getting dethroned. I’ve got a 3 story house with a kitchen, bedroom, prayer room, and the entire top floor is an armory. If she takes that I’m joining the Yiga clan

  5. Holy crap, the picture of the champions is only there if you complete the champion's ballad dlc in botw! It carries over into totk! The attention to detail!

  6. people keep forgetting, while there's one bed, there aren't 2 pillows. Zelda and Link might be living under the same roof but it's clear that they don't sleep on the same bed. Japanese have a futon, but does Hylian have one? Link probably sleeps somewhere on F1. This however doesn't tarnish the ship at all only the depth of their relationship is questioned.

  7. So… zelda got a secret cave like batman ? If you remember… in the dark knight series..the young batman fell down a well and so he found his cave.

  8. Since Link goes into Zelda’s own Secret Well, does that mean Link’s entering Zelda’s private drip? 😏
    Thank you very much, you’re a terrific audience.😌

  9. At hateno Pasture, there's a girl named koyin after fishing out her grandpa's message in a bottle link can read the message when interacting with koyin after fishing out the bottle she will exclaim that only members of her granpdas family could read it due to his messy writing so could she be related to link

  10. I don't think it was a good idea to incorporate a well on Links property, especially one where Link can go down into and explore. I'm pretty sure that the Bottom-of-the-Well experience that Link went through in Ocarina of Time traumatized him for the rest of his life and just seeing a well gives him the shivers! 😂

  11. My friend got tears before I did and I asked him what happened to your house in hatteno and he went to check and said Zelda and link lived there and then I asked him how many beds and he said 1. After that I said damn the whole village must be waking like link did at the beginning of botw.

  12. I take this as unequivocal confirmation that they're living together. can you imagine in your head the conversation that lead to Zelda just taking Link's house and him moving out? where the fuck is he gonna sleep now, outside? no the house in Tarrey Town doesn't make a difference, retard, that's after Zelda is gone and she's clearly been in this house for a long time.

  13. I don't think so but it's worth asking. If I complete the BotW DLC today, will the picture appear in TotK? Or did I already miss the opportunity? I had completed it on Wii U but not on the Switch