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The Legend of Zelda Link Costume Kit will have you ready to travel through the mystical land of Hyrule to save Princess Zelda in no time! The Legend of Zelda Princess Zelda Cosplay Costume Fabric:Synthetic Style:Skirt Tailor-made in your own measurements.This costume can be made for both adults. Adults might need a second headband to tie a little farther down the flowing hat. Of course you can spend a bit more and make the costume more realistic but mostly the basics worked for our little guy as you can see. Use the other green shirt to make the flowing cap. The costume includes Link’s bright green tunic and long, floppy green cap. The Link Hat is floppy pointed hat that is made of a soft green fabric. He hasn’t stop since his release in 1986. Link is a sword wielding hero that is tasked with saving the princess Zelda from certain evil. Washable sleeved Legend of Zelda easy wipe costume bib. My son loves video games, and last year he was dying to be Link from Legend of Zelda.

This Link Legend of Zelda Costume is an iconic video game character! These wigs ears and hats are inspired by the classic video game character Link! Depending on the video game series you are playing, Princess Zelda wore a lot of different outfits throughout the series. Only this way will you be able to save Zelda. Will fit most teen. Elf ears – Link is an elf so picking up elf ears would help round out the look but these can sometimes be costly or not have the right fit so we skipped this part of the look. In the photos we used a tripod carrying case with paper stuffed into the bottom to make sure the sword handle stuck out the top. You could also use a green bandana as seen in the photos below or a green hoodie but I think the green flowing hat looks better. If you have trouble finding him after the quest, look for high ground – the ballon has decorative lights, and can be seen from a distance if the weather is nice. Ears sets look great! It comprises of 11 sets which includes hat, tunic, T-shirt, Gauntlets, vest, pant, belt, boot cover, scabbard,waist bag and is mainly designed with leather and uniform cloth.

Burning dandelion This costume includes bright blue tunic top with attached off-white pants, chest belt, belt with attached pouches and tan boot covers. The simple but intricate design of the Link costume comes with his signature green tunic. One idea would be to trace a shield on poster board, color and design it like Link’s shield, cut it out and hot glue it to the lower half of a white pillowcase. If you want to keep your kingdom safe from all the evils of the world, you have to do it yourself and that means getting all geared up as Zelda, grabbing your bow and heading out to shoot Ganondorf right in the keister with one of your patented light arrows. Bow & arrow set – If the arrows have a belt holder, put it on the belt. Sling the bow over your shoulder. Shoes then put the brown socks over the shoes to create a brown boot.

Arm guards – Add the arm guards over the white long sleeve shirt. Tunic includes brown belt buckles that loop around the body with an arm guard . Talk to a guard named Hoz, link zelda costume and he’ll send you off to take a picture of Kilton. Fear not though, for Link and Zelda can still take their Breath of the Wild forms in Hyrule Warriors. Still not clearly ? Boss Challenge – Challenge yourself in relentless battles against giant bosses to unlock new costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana. To defeat him, Link usually requires the mystic Master Sword and Light Arrows, or a similar legendary weapon, obtained after many trials and battles gathering magical objects or using other items such as musical instruments and weaponry. Now this is my first EVER attempt at making a costume so I used stuff we had around the house along with a few items you can pick up at dollar stores (Dollar Tree, 99¢ Only Stores , etc) or from dollar sections at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. All you need now is his sword. If not, put the arrows in the same cases as the sword.